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-Hi-Bright-Daylight Readable-Low

-Optical Bonding Proprietary Gel Fill
-White LED Backlit LCD's
-Night Vision (NVIS)
-Touch Screen 4-5 & 8-wire
-Adaptive Transflective
-Controllers - NTSC, PAL,

LED and CCFL backlight
- Custom Backlight design for customer application LED and CCFL.

. Next generation cost-effective LED LCD display backlight systems.
. Mercury-free, Longer product life, reduced power consumption
. Superior contrast, instant on
. Energy-saving, environment-friendly

. Cost effective . Daylight bright applications available
CCFL comparison to LED
CCFL comparison to LED
Power consumption 20 watts 11 watts
Operating Voltage 1100 ~ 1600 Vrms 3.6 ~ 12 VDC
MTBF Typ. 40,000 hrs. Max. 50,000 hrs.
Operating temp. 0 o C ~ 75 o C -30 o C ~ 85 o C
Mercury content YES NONE
Time to full luminance 30 minutes Instant On
Surface Temperature 52 o C 49 o C
Chromaticity X=0.31 Y=0.34 X=0.33 Y=0.32
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